It's ALL so sad.

Dear Wanda,

Every day something sad happens. There's something sad in the news. Or something doesn't go right in my life. I'm not sure what to do. Sometimes when I do feel good, I still feel bad to feel happy because there's so much sadness everywhere. How do you deal with this?

Please advise, Sad

Dear Friend,

Do you know there is so much good in the world? So many people are doing many good things? But it's easy to get distracted by sad things that happen. This bothers you because you have a loving heart.

First, be thankful you care. You can say, "Wow, I have a loving heart!" Then you can decide to take really really good care of yourself and your heart > that's called Radical Self-Care! The sadder things are, the more important this is.

When you see so much sadness, and you choose to love and care for yourself > you will start to feel better. Pamper yourself, be gentle and very nurturing to you. (P.S. Feeling sad or bad when you feel happy doesn't help anyone!) The better you feel, the better your perspective. Then, you'll have more inspired ideas of what you can do to help improve things!

Have you ever heard this idea: when a butterfly flaps it's wings in the Amazon, it causes the rain to fall in the Central Park? When you commit to feel happy and healthy > you are creating more joy in the world! You're causing joy to spark in someone else on the planet!!! That's something to feel glad about, and I hope you will!

XOink, Wanda

Photo: When you care about the world, and you want to do something > make sure you've packed lots of self-care to go with you. The more you care for and love yourself > the better you feel > the more inspired ideas you have > the more effective the actions you take > the more things on the planet improve ~ hip hog hooray!

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