Performing Magic

I don't look particularly magical in this photo. The image of me with the sour face and pig tails was around my early middle school years.

I was helping at a farm... a pig farm. It was summer and hot and the pigs were in a farrowing house. Pigs can't sweat, so when it's hot > that's why they roll around in the mud.

The farmer turned the sprinklers off. I could tell the pigs were suffering, so I asked him to turn the water back on. "No little girl is going to tell me how to run my farm," he exclaimed. "You're fired!"

Although it may not seem like a particularly magical moment. This photo embodies me near the age where I first remember practicing magic. Here's how I define Magic:

* You have wisdom,

* You have values,

* You come up against something that tests that,

* You stand up and say, "No!"

* No matter how it ends, you embodied your magical nature.

Ultimately being magical is the transformative power we have to turn bad into good, or one situation into another or something into something else. It's using the negative experience to become clearer and stronger both for ourselves and others. Being magical is being disappointed by a rejection or a detour and letting that become a delay not an end. It's turning a painful story into an empowering one... like I just did!

That is magic and the act of being magical!

In therapy, I often share how changing our thoughts, our deeply help thought patterns, is also practicing magic. Just with a change of our mind we can transform so much. Voila!

The Italian movie "Life is Beautiful" is a film example of this process. Watch this story of a father's love in Nazi Germany - if you haven't! Being magical is not giving in or giving up... it's using Love as a force to live beyond the ordinary and limiting and even despairing and into a realm above that where we achieve a different kind of freedom.

On that day, the young girl me with her pig tails flying road home on her bicycle crying. Down the dusty Indiana rural road, I didn't cry for myself. I cried for the pigs. I saw that all beings deserve humane treatment, and if you are going to confine them in an unnatural state, there is a moral obligation to do something for their comfort.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised some people don't care about the comfort of pigs. Because in the world, some people don't care about other people. When I watched "Hidden Figures" I was appalled at how people with white skin color treated people with black skin color and how men treated women. Years ago, when I read Victor Frankl's "Man's Search for Meaning" I was appalled at the evil people are subjected to... and encouraged by the way people rose above it and against it and through it.

Both of those true human experiences are examples of many magical beings ~ people who used their wisdom, values and will to shift above the limiting beliefs and laws and evil to live another way.

My life has been about leaving limiting. I'm not always successful or strong or clear. I don't always stand up and say "No!" on my own behalf. But on behalf of that girl who still lives inside me, the one who stood in her truth on a hot summer day > I am inspired. She reminds me all the time of the magical nature I am.

Life can be funny too, because I never planned for Wanda Petunia to be a pig. She just arrived that way. Wanda, who came to teach ME self-care and self-love, is a pig... a plot twist that is sweet and shows me Divine's sense of humor. Can I also stand up on my own behalf? Increasingly so!

"I am magical" is a powerful statement. "I am magical." Say that to yourself a few times. Wow! YOU ARE MAGICAL! Being magical means being in touch with the amazing, unique, TRANSFORMATIVE, powerful, wise soul you are. Maybe you can remember a magical story too ~ where you touched that place inside you and transformed pain and anger and sadness into something hopeful and loving and helpful to yourself and others???

I hope so! Wanda and I want to hear your story! We know you are magical! Write us!!

XO, Amy XOink, Wanda

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