The Heart of Pampering & A Quiz

Once upon a time, in a yoga class, I was in Savasana (corpse) pose. The teacher asked if anyone needed a blanket or anything to be more comfortable. I didn't answer. She came over and put a blanket around my head to support my neck. "You know it's okay to ask for what you need," she said quietly.

Tears rolled down my cheeks and onto my mat.

I am the person who, during much of my life, would use the rattiest of all the towels... who would remain quiet and not speak up if I needed something. I didn't do this all the time, but I did do it too much of the time. And when it came to pursuing a life that felt better... all my demons rose up to say:

"Who are you to ask for a blanket during yoga?" Who are you to have a job you enjoy?" "Who are you to demand better treatment in a relationship?" "Who are you to pursue your dream?" "Who are you to leave sadness and move into joy, when so many other people are deeply sad?"

"How dare you?"

Yet something inside me has always wanted to be free, to feel good, to have more. I don't want more as in material things. But I want more inner joy and peace and a deep feeling of calm. Yet, there was something I would need in order to feel this way ~ worthy!

Do you feel worthy of good things... Of treating yourself well... Of expecting others to treat you well... Of following your dreams? If you're not sure, try this little quiz:

1) I regularly pamper myself with rest, good things and indulgences Y or N

2) I believe it's important to pamper myself with good things and to do that for myself Y or N

3) Instead of expecting others to pamper me, I am willing to take the lead and be good to myself in all kinds of ways Y or N

4) I pamper myself as much or more than I pamper others Y or N

5) I see pampering myself as an important part of self-care Y or N

I'm hoping you answered Y to all these questions! Y = Yes by the way! If you answered N = No, please keep reading!!

While visiting my mom recently, she showed me her essential oils collection. I was doing a check to see what she needed. She meekly handed me a box - this was the box of oils I got her last Christmas. Only one bottle had been taken out. The rest remained unopened. I was shocked. "Mom, why haven't you used these?" I asked. I was overly strong and she was flustered.

"Do you think they don't work?" I asked. "No they are great," she immediately answered and with such emphasis I believed her. "Do you think they will run out and Young Living will stop making them?" I asked her. Mom didn't grow up in the Depression, but I know some people feel influence in choices they make. "No," she answered.

"Do you think you deserve to use them?" I asked her. "I try not to use them and just push on through whatever problem I have," she said. "But they will help you and make your life better!" I protested. "Do you feel worthy to use them?" I asked. "Not really," she said.

This made me so sad. But I understand.

So many times and in so many ways, I have not felt worthy. Thank you Wanda Petunia for your inspirational theme this week: "I am pampering myself." A key to pampering is feeling worthy.

You may have been raised to think that pampering yourself means you are self-centered and extravagant. And, maybe there are some people who feel overly entitled and hog the pampering goodness. But most, or at least many, people I know go the other way... depriving themselves of pampering.

Do you think of pampering as something you do for a baby or child... meaning you are too big or old for that. Do you pamper yourself? I hope so. But if not, I hope you will explore why... and then promptly stop this deprivation pattern and get busy being extra pampering to you.

I think in my early adult years, I wanted someone to read my mind and pamper me. But they often didn't do it right anyway. Then I would be disappointed. I've found that when I commit to pampering myself > if anyone else pampers me it is icing on the cake.... super fluffy icing with sprinkles. It's nice when someone else pampers me - super nice. But if I am already pampering myself, then it's like I've made a yummy chocolate cake with raspberry filling. I've taken care of treating myself sweetly!

I hope that you will consider pampering yourself! What beliefs did you inherit about pampering? What success have you had? What extravagant and "ridiculous" pampering would you love to do? Could you do it? I surely hope so!

Wanda P and I would love to hear what wild and crazy pampering you are going to commit to on your own behalf. We will be your accountability partners. We will even check in to see if you have accomplished the pampering mission!

If you have been brainwashed to feel unworthy of self-pampering, it's time to reprogram you... right here and right now! Imagine looking into Wanda's loving piggy eyes and gently and lovingly she will look deeply into yours... then ZING! You are clear! You are worthy! You are pampering you!! Yes, sometimes it is just that easy ;)

Here's your affirmation:

"I am worthy of ALL good things!

I am ready to pamper myself because I am Wandaful!!!"

Do you know how excited this makes us??? Well, let's say a whole hog lot of exciting!!

XO, Amy and XOINK, Wanda

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