4 Tips for the Least Resistant Path of Patience

I want the snail and turtle in my spirit animal family! This is because I usually feel like the road runner or the greyhound! For whatever reason, there is a race inside me. Do, do, do. Go, go, go.

I recently read that box turtles only roam one mile their whole life. If removed from their home, the turtle roams the rest of its life "aimlessly stressed out.... trying to find home until it dies a very sad death." (Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, Inc.)

This whole idea got me thinking about my inner home - staying close to myself... Not getting ahead of myself and not moving my own self too fast where I am "aimlessly stressed out." Too often in the past, fear has been the direction of my inner compass... pushing, dragging, and moving me too far out of my zone too fast.

It all could be much simpler. A few years ago, a friend mentioned the idea of taking "the next step." I didn't have to figure out next month or next year, but what was the next step that would move me towards something I wanted to experience?

Wanda has helped me live the next step as "I am patient." Here's what I've learned from her:

1) Get a vision of what you want, what you want to experience,

2) Be fully present, imagine how it will feel to experience this,

3) Commit to be patient in the process, and

4) Let yourself enjoy now!

Hold the vision of what you desire, or if you can't get a grasp on that > just keep checking in to what ideas and thoughts feel better. Be here now ~ feel the feeling you will have... when you have what you think you want. Know that it's all unfolding in the right timing - just observe and act as needed. And, be in the moment. What can you do to feel better right now?

If you end up getting ahead of yourself, you risk aimless wandering. Impatience makes you risk missing the joy of the moment as well as exhausted adrenals, high blood pressure, an upset stomach, sleepless nights. Impatience brings angst, irritation, frustration, aggravation. Don't I know it?!?

The best life experience is the least resistant path of patience. This patient path is choosing to flow downstream (as the Law of Attraction encourages). Patience is the ultimate choice to be in the moment ~ trusting and allowing. Patience is a virtue and gets us to our good right on time.

May you cultivate patience by taking the next step and the next step ~ living in self-care and self-love every step along the way! XO, Amy

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