Three steps to reveal YOUR LIGHT

It's inevitable. One day you were born, and then someone somewhere along the way proceeds to block your light. Sometimes parents do it... or a teacher... or a sibling... or a friend or partner.

There's always the possibility someone will tell you what you should be doing and who you should be. As infants and small children, some guidance can be a good idea. But it can get carried away. And as we get older, it's oppressive.

As a solar eclipse looms on this day, I've been thinking about what blocks my light. Here's the list, see if it is true for you:

* The thoughts and actions of other people who project fear on me,

* My own lack of awareness about who I am - which is love and light, not fear, and

* My own willingness to accept the fear ideas of others and even my own fears!

That's it!

We could analyze that forever, and trust me I have. But just like the eclipse today will be here and gone, let's release what blocks our light. Here are three of my very favorites:

1) Be willing to consider you know your own truth. No other person knows your truth. Trusted people can give you insight and guidance, but only trust what feels good to you and leaves you feeling energized, helpful, hopeful!

2) Stop listening to people who are telling you what to do. As long as you subject yourself to outside interference, then you'll keep getting outside interference. You may have an attachment to/relationship with someone who just wants you to do what they want. That's them blocking their light AND yours.

3) Keep moving toward what feels better. Consider keeping a "Light-seeking" journal. What leads you to feeling a little better > to feeling more hopeful > to taking action even if it seems silly because you just want to do it > to "Heck, why not?"

Every day you are shining, whether you feel like crap or you feel on top of the world. Your light may not always be so evident. That's okay. There are cloudy days and stormy days and sometimes even eclipse days - when it seems the light is truly gone. And then you see the light isn't gone > because it never was!

REPEAT: The light in you exists, whether you block your own light or you let someone else block your light. The point is to not let anyone (including your own thoughts and beliefs) block you from the light you already are!

May you honor the Light you are and consciously remove the blocks. May you be fully free to shine! The world needs your light!!

XO, Amy

Photo: Don't let anything eclipse the light you are! Wanda is being silly because nothing really can eclipse her light and love! The same is true for you XOink!

#eclipse #light #personalgrowth #selfawareness #selfesteem #abuse #selfcare #selftalk #maturity #codependency

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