Girl Power Affirmations!

I was just blessed to share Wanda Petunia and spend time with over 100 girls at a national Girl Scout event. It was a WandaLove-fest as my friend Bernice and I shared sewing, self-care and self-love and heard all kinds of goodness from these super inspiring girls!

For two afternoons, we sewed hearts together, talked about who Wanda is and what she's about... and we learned about each girl too... where she was from, what had she done at camp that was scary and brave, that was new and adventurous, that was caring about others! So much wisdom and love and fun!!

The girls wrote down their affirmations and positive thoughts on a banner, and it only made sense to share them! At many Wanda Petunia gatherings, we make affirmation cards and encourage the power of positive self-talk. This was a super-sized version of that!! If any of these affirmations speak to you... or you want them to speak to you more... write them down! Repeat them! Repeat them with passion! Believe! Let the power of the girls inspire you too!

You're beautiful!

You're amazing

Be you because being like others is boring

People - you rock! Just be YOU!

I did! I can! I will keep pushing!

Be happy!

Be who you are (Be yourself)

You are a rock star

Try, try again Cause you will get it

Be you Be creative Be amazing

Be yourself

Follow ur heart

Do what you think is right

Everyone is special in their own way

Be you!

Smile more :)

Be awesome

Love yourself girl

Be positive

Love how you are!

Concore (conquer) your fears

When someone lets you down, get right back up!

Just be you

If its hard that just makes it more of a challenge!

Believe in yourself!

Be You-tiful

You're great

Be who you want to be

Don't give up

U R A Rock Star

Be a chalanger (challenger) and stand up to the chalange (challenge)

Be yourself because everyone else is taken


You is smart You is kind You is important

BMX Biking!

Okay, I guess BMX biking can be an affirmative thought... why not!!??

What we say to ourselves and about ourselves is so very important! Let this inspiration lead you to more positive thoughts about yourself ~ which will help you see others more positively too!! ~ world peace!! XO Amy

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