How to self-care "crazy mind!"

Recently, a friend gave me one of the kindest compliments I've ever received. I was sharing how sometimes I struggle with life and whatever "issue" I am working on. She told me that she knows this about me and it actually inspires her. In her words, "I realized that even though life isn't always easy for you and you have a hard time, you still keep working on things and you help a lot of people anyway."

Sometimes I forget to give myself credit for this. You could say that all the things I've ever struggled with are really the foundation of how I can ever offer (authentic) assistance to anyone. If I never had problems, I wouldn't have much depth to offer others. I wouldn't understand or be able to empathize or sympathize with others' problems.

A variety of things can contribute to "crazy mind." Lately, I've been going through dietary changes, and that process can be confusing and affect the mind-body! Frankly, self-nourishing is a challenge for me... My Amazon account is full of drawing books, creativity guides, a journal. But I have never really wanted to buy cookbooks, learn more about nutrition, or even cook for myself. As I age, the body (and also the mind) needs more support and more focus to function and have clear thinking.

Not eating in beneficial ways, combined with letting the mind fall into old, deep and unkind patterns has led me recently to a return of "crazy mind." This is the mind in a state of chaos, confusion, cloudiness... Maybe you've had crazy mind too. It can also arise related to hormonal imbalances! I always know my vibration has dropped when I start thinking "It's hopeless," or "What's the point?" There was a time, that when I said that, I would believe it. Now I am able to observe, "Aha, my vibration has dropped, I don't feel good, I am in "crazy mind.""

The first thing I do for "crazy mind" is self-care. Here are three practices that help me:

1) A huge part of "crazy mind" self-care is gentleness. I lovingly forgive myself for any past choices that were not helpful. My mind can be pretty harsh and mean, so having self-compassion and self-forgiveness is so important.

2) Next, I choose to believe that I can do something to feel better. There was a time, and even still this occasionally happens, that I didn't believe I could make a change. Or, that even if I made a change it wouldn't matter. But with practice, I know this is baloney. Then I tune in and take action.

3) I make a list of practices that help support my body and calm my mind: Here are some of the most helpful for me:

* Use essential oils! I love my Young Living oils and have found great relief from them. They are nature's medicine and offer great healing support.

* Check in to see what I have eaten or not eaten. Often I will forget to eat, or what I ate wasn't helpful. Paying attention by keeping a log or a check-in is beneficial. Food really impacts how we feel.

* Good company. I tune into who I can hang out with that will feel better. If I need to vent, I will ask if they feel okay hearing it. But sometimes just focusing on something positive with a friend helps even more! Limit input from any negative and non-supportive people.

* Creativity practice... I find great comfort in creating. Sketching, crocheting, reading, journaling or doing anything that feels easy and fun is great.

*Grounding: When I feel really crazy mind, I love being outside or taking a shower. For whatever reason, these feel very calming to me.

We all can experience feeling crazy in the mind. You can heal that by caring for and loving yourself and then offering more spaciousness and generosity to others in need too!

Photo: Wanda and I read and journal together (outside) to calm the mind and body!

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