Dropping attachment

I woke up this morning and remembered a dream I'd had about my pug Pandora. Pandora was the closest soul friend I've probably known. When she transitioned out of my life unexpectedly, I was completely bereft. She taught me many things - devotion, unconditional love, and what it meant to love a being so much I was never mad at her even one time.

But, the ultimate lesson she taught me came after she passed out of my life physically - and that is related to attachment. Pandora taught me: I can trust I will have what I need when I need it. I could say that I still need her today. But so often, what we think we need... we really do not. Learning to attach to the goodness and not the being has been one of my very hardest lessons. I'm not saying I have mastered it. But I get glimpses of this truth.

This morning, I sat for a brief spell on the porch of my friend Bernice. We caught up on Wanda Petunia "business" and life. I knew Bernice before I went to France, and I even sat on her porch when I was afraid to go, and she told me I could do it.

When I came back from France with an idea of making Wanda plush toys locally again, Bernice stepped up and answered what she says was a call from "Divine" to help me. She has since become Wanda's CEO - Chief Encouragement Officer.

I have a sense that there will come a time, sooner or later, when our paths will diverge. As we rocked and drank tea, I thanked Bernice for all she has done for me and let her know that I trust we'll be together however long we are meant to be. This is a huge accomplishment for me. If you've ever been afraid and attached to a "safe" person, you will totally understand what I mean.

Whether it's a pug, a friend, a romantic interest, a parent, a child... we love to feel what we feel with certain people. And, we don't want them to go. The physical presence of them feels good, sometimes very good. But what really feels good is something much deeper. What feels good is how we feel around them. What feels good is the deeper truth they help us feel.

I learned from Pandora what eternal love is. Eternal love is that goodness that exists even when the physical expression does not. You don't have to be with a person or being. They may be somewhere else on the planet. They may no longer be on the planet. Yet once you have experienced that feeling with them, it may exist in you always.

I have needed comfort for much of my life. A few times, life has felt so overwhelmingly sad or distressing. One day, the name Wanda Petunia dropped in my head. As time has passed, I've gotten to know the "Divine" that flows through her more too. She is an expression of eternal love that came through my imagination.

What a blessing and a gift, to experience these ongoing expressions of goodness that come through Pandora and Bernice and Wanda and YOU! When I remember to trust that this deeper and more expansive LOVE exists... then I can drop attachment to pugs and people, and open up to ALL life with the deepest of gratitude!

Photo: Wanda meets a new friend Joe Dogg! It's great to be open to the love that flows through friends we meet and the love that stays with us always!

#pug #pig #friendship #friend #eternal #love #trust #death #attachment #allowing #Divine #selflove

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