Put lotion on the body

Once upon a time... in yoga... in corpse pose... my teacher approached me. She adjusted the blanket and said, "It's okay to make yourself comfortable." Immediately, tears rolled down my cheeks.

I have had a lifetime of picking the rattiest towel to use, putting myself last and not checking in to make sure I was comfortable. Of course, there were some things I did well - I would take up for myself, even if it meant trying to talk to people I couldn't talk to. I would eat fairly healthy. I would make time for friends and to create.

Yet, when it came to the most basic of self-care, I often didn't. This week's Church of Wan self-care tip "Put lotion on my body" is such a good one. Whether it's dry, cold winter or hot, too-much-sunshine summer... putting lotion on the body is a lovely self-care act.

In the past, I asked friends of Wanda Petunia to offer self-care tips, and these were turned into our packaging paper and a poster. I've been highlighting one each week. If left to my own devices, I would never have picked this one. And, I'm picking it now.

I can remember once shopping at Target. I spent a solid hour looking for lotions that had all words I could pronounce. It just made sense that whatever I put on my body should be things I understood. I couldn't find a lotion that felt right.

So, I decided to just start using V6 - a massage oil blend from Young Living. It's amazing. Now I use other lotions by them because they feel good, and I know that whatever is in them is safe ~ because a thoughtful, conscientious company created them.

Put lotion on my body - I am doing it. I lotioned yesterday, and I did this morning. As soon as I saw this was the tip for the week, I immediately was in. If you aren't putting lotion on your body - it's time to soften up! Caring for our skin, which is such an important part of our physical self-care, is also vital for our whole well-being.

Healing touch is great too. Put your lotion on, while blessing your body for helping you get around. Send thanks to your skin and everything under it for all the amazing work it's doing on your behalf! You are worthy of love - self-love! Caring for yourself is part of that! XOX

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