Giving birth...

I remember the first time I met Wanda. While driving past my son's elementary school, the name Wanda Petunia came to my mind. It was quite some time after when Wanda's first story came - as a whole gift just flowing into my mind. It was then that I found out she was a pig.

Then, another story came. I had been making plush toys, so then I created the first plush toy Wanda. But giving birth to Wanda Petunia involved more than just listening for the name and writing down stories and making one plush toy. Giving birth to Wanda has involved overcoming deep wounds from my childhood.

When I was in elementary school, I was pretending to give my baby doll milk. I was using an aspirin bottle and I put my finger in the bottle to check the temperature of the pretend milk in there. My finger got stuck.

I told my mom, and before long my dad came home. He was very upset and said he would break the glass bottle with a brick. He didn't. But we did head for the emergency room. On the way there, my mom realized that if a bottle went on my finger it should come off. So she had me hold up my hand to let the blood drain. It did.

Before we reached the ER, the bottle came off. Crisis averted... kinda. It was an experience that has lived in my soul for a lifetime...

If... you play... if you make a mistake playing... it could be a very dangerous and dire situation.

While I don't think my dad intended to harm me, the influence was still felt. And so, as I have struggled to allow myself the freedom to be a creative... and that meant creating Wanda... felt dangerous. What if I made a mistake?

Fortunately, Wanda the pig who has been my imaginary friend has taught me the value of bravery and perseverance in the face of danger... perceived danger.

Sometimes creating can feel dangerous and scary. But not creating our dreams and visions is even more dangerous and scarier. And so, I allow the good that comes to me to come on through. Welcome Wanda Petunia!

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