Creativity ~ Crafting ~ Friends ~ Storytelling  

Aromatherapy ~Healing ~ Sharing Love ~ Hope


With Amy Jane Williams, MA, LMHC  & Wanda Petunia, Pig. Muse


The planet needs help. And, it starts with you loving yourself. Explore Wanda’s first book "Love catches up with Wanda Petunia" in an evening magical story time.


The 1.5 hour experience will include: a reading of the book by Amy, time to explore the story’s meaning.  Participants can share their thoughts and feelings about the story.  And, we will craft and practice creativity and journaling together.  You’ll also receive a special aromatherapy blend in advance and a materials and preparation list.


Book and Essential Oil and Zoom Experience = $35 + S/H


Or, if you already have the book = $20 + S/H


Questions?  Please ask!!

Wanda Petunia Magic Story Time

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    Self-Love Saves the Planet!