#slow Living

For whatever reason, I generally move fast.

I'll already be in the store before someone unlocks their seatbelt.

I'll have items in the cart

before someone has pulled out their grocery list.

I'll have a blog written, a social media post made ~

maybe while I'm pumping gas.

Generally, no one complains about this...

because society likes fast.

But, I increasingly value SLOW.

Here's why:

Fast can be useful sometimes, but it's often

connected to striving, achieving, doing, even fear.

Fast is usually NOT

allowing, discerning, reflecting and trusting.

Fast may mean you get a lot done >

but was it really things you needed or wanted to get done?

Fast may mean you achieve a lot more >

and it may mean you get burnt out quicker too. And have resentment.

I like fast answers and fast resolutions.

But sometimes the deep down truth and clarity comes slowly.

The #slow movement continues to grow, albeit slowly. There's slow food, slow fashion, and maybe increasingly slow living. Would it help you to slow down?

Let me know!


You may want to check out some of the great articles and movements in the #slow world. There's a great article in this month's Flow magazine, and you can check into the super cool slow fashion world of Alabama Chanin too. Let #slow inspire you :)


#slow #slowmovement #selfcare #selflove #Flowmagazine #presentmoment #clarity #mindfulness #trust #reflect #AlabamaChanin


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