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Do you find yourself often dreaming about "some day?" Are your thoughts focused on some future experience you want? Maybe it's the weekend, maybe it's summer, maybe it's the new partner you will meet or the job you will have or retirement or seeing someone you miss...

I used to have a life where I lived for some future day... I would dream and daydream about a partner I was truly harmonious with or having my own business or living in a certain place. Back then, dreams of "some day" kept me going.

At the time, it was uncomfortable to be in the present moment.

Still, I remember practicing my coping skills. I really worked on being my own best friend and learning what I needed to learn to move forward. I had gotten so far away from listening to myself that it was hard to have even a glimpse of present moment happiness.

As I slowly, and I do mean slowly, began to make choices to live a happier feeling life > I began to feel better.

Then guess what happened?

Even when I felt better, I was still stuck on something more out there, some future event or experience I wanted... How to get a book publisher? How to get Wanda Petunia on the Ellen Show?

Even as my life improved, I kept seeking and striving. I began to see how looking out there to "some day" was actually be an impediment to getting where I wanted to be.

Of course, it's good to have vision for our desires. That is us tuning into our heart. Clarifying what inspires us and holding space for that is NOT necessarily dismissing the present moment.

But it can be a slippery slope, because the more we focus on some future event, the more we can delay it from coming. This is especially true if we are putting fear and stress and negative energy into what we are thinking.

As I began to contemplate 2019, it dawned on me that I wanted to stop living with so much focus on "some day." I really began to feel that the best way to get a happy "some day" was to create a happy now.

I've often noticed some people focus a lot on winning the lottery - another "some day" experience. If only we can hit the jackpot, all will be well. If the lottery is just for fun, that's one thing. But it can become de-motivating as we wait for something or someone to rescue us.

We each have the power to create a happier life. And, we don't have to wait for a jackpot or divorce or marriage or new job to get it. It is true that a lot of money and a happy marriage and job or happy single life can feel good. But wherever we are, we can begin NOW to think thoughts and choose actions that feel better.

One reason The Law of Attraction has appealed to me is the focus on becoming aligned in better feeling thoughts now and now and now. It's being present and focusing on the good now and choosing what will feel good now. Because thinking about later often turns out to be something called worry :(

In my past, it felt like there was not much good going on in the NOW. That's because I had made choices that didn't feel good to me based on old thoughts and beliefs. This created more drama and trauma. By ignoring how my own choices were working against me, I had to keep asking "Am I there yet?"

As I shifted those thoughts into the present moment > and chose more happy thoughts and actions > I could more easily answer "I am here!" When I come back to NOW > I feel better. Then > I feel hope. Then > I make more choices that feel better. And > experiences unfold and happen that are easier and better feeling.

What if the prescription to cure your problems was: Be happy where you are. Of course, I'm not the first person or the most famous person to say this. But I'm feeling the power of this philosophy more, how powerful it is. And, in the funny way the world can work things if we let it, this way of thinking, doing and living ends up getting us where we want to be faster anyway >> on the fast track!

Photos (top to bottom):

Hilton Head Island, SC - By staying in the present and pondering what I wanted to experience > my end of year vacation was perfect. Going off the grid and being in the now was so helpful to end 2018 and create space to just be present for a happy change!

Original Wanda gave a good-bye kiss to each of 5 Wanda plushies who went to a women's program this week. I've been wanting to collaborate with a women's group, and by being present and just going with the flow I made a great connection and sent 5 Wanda self-love ambassadors to new friends. No striving was necessary!

Instead of a vision board, I made some vision cards. I like tuning into words I want to feel and experience now because that puts me in a better frame of mind to take inspired action and move forward in expansive (not fear- and ego-based ways)!

That's me being very present moment on my vacation. I'm learning that the more I do what brings me joy, the more opportunities that come. This is counter to the work ethic I've been indoctrinated in which says, "Work, strive, do..." Instead, I am "being, creating, tuning in..." and it feels so much better.

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